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"We Pick or You Pick"  Parke Family HydroFarms is a family owned and operated "pick your own" farm located between Tampa and Lakeland in Dover, Florida. The Parke Family is proud to bring you Homegrown Fruits and Vegetables and unique Family Fun. You can pick your own produce without bending or kneeling or getting dirty. All of our Fruits and Vegetables are insecticide and pesticide free. At Parke Family HydroFarm, we have a variety of fruits and vegetables and herbs planted on just 1 acre of land.  UPDATE (12/28/11) You Pick will not be available until next season.  Stay tuned for updates!

We also offer our "Produce Club" where members receive a freshly picked basket of produce on a weekly basis. We also are more than willing to host field trips and conduct educational tours. Come see the "future of farming" and taste the fresh difference.

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We're proud to be an Insecticide-Free zone!
Through the use of Integrated Pest Management (also known as bug wars), we use good bugs to fight the bad bugs, which allow us to fully manage pests without the use of any chemicals or pollutants!

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  We're so much more than just your local strawberry farm...
"We're blessed to be located so close to Parke Family HydroFarms!  There's nothing better then knowing you're providing your family with nutritious, insecticide-free food!  High-quality produce, high-class folks and unbeatable prices!"

~Katheryn Poco - Plant City, FL

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